04 July 2012

Baby Nursery Intro

Since my last post, I've made lots of things such as duvet covers, pillows, topiary, etc., including Averi's nursery bedding (bumpers included :) and matching curtains/ruffled valance, but have yet to take pictures. I've just been too busy to post. I'm actually over her nursery decor now, ha (which is white and a light mauve with a ruffley, classy, dainty feel) and want to bring in some bold color. I change my mind a lot. Future plan: take pics and post! I have alot of friends who are preggers right now and searching for the perfect decor. That was me a year and a half ago. I searched and searched and was willing to pay for anything I fell in love with - my first (maybe only) girl HAD to have the perfect nursery. My prob was, I never found anything I liked. Everything was so over-used and over-done. I didn't want butterflies or flowers or winnie the pooh. I didn't want chocolate brown and pink. I wanted something original and special. So I gathered ideas and made my own stuff. I was pleased with how it turned out, but now my baby is getting to be a toddler and I just feel like upscaling. So I'm starting over. Only this time, I'll be sharing it online. Plus I never got to finish ALL the projects I had planned for her so this will be a good excuse to git-er-done.
Upcoming Tutes on Baby Nursery Decor:
-Baby Bumber Cover (easy peasy!)
-Ruffled Valance & Curtains (also surprisingly easy)
-Revamped Dresser (from brown to white)
-Painted Shelf & Decor
-Fitted Crib Sheet
-Crib Dust Ruffle
-Basket Liner (I already have a tute for that, but this one will be a bit diff cuz it has handles)

I already found the perf fabric at Hobby Lobby that brings in the bold color I want and ties in the 'morning mauve' color of her walls so it was a huge plus. I DON'T want to re-paint.
Excited to get started! I have many ideas, I just need to make time for them to come to life.
The walls look pretty light in this pic, but when in the room, you can see the color better