19 September 2012

Boy Baby Shower Table Decor

These are some of the poorest quality pictures and I'm sorry. ...but at least it's enough for you to get the point. maybe.
I threw a baby shower for a friend and here's a picture of the most important part of any party (besides the food): the table decor...
*I realize it's not the most fabulous party table out there. C'mon, I've seen those amazing, over-the-top tables on pinterest!...but this is good for me. Plus the food and cupcakes are missing in the pic so...  
*Tablecloths: lime green twin flat sheet & light blue plastic rectangle tablecloth from the dollar store. Accessorized with light blue wired ribbon bows hung up with safety pins
*Apothecary drink jar and matching cupcake stand from Pier1 Imports (borrowed from sis)
*glass mason jar with white flowers
*light green vintage wooden organizer thingy. It's meant for pens, paper, etc. but I used it to hold the utensils and napkins
*small chalk board from World Market to display the menu
*small lime green candle just because it matched :)

*Hanging from the ceiling on clear thread are tissue paper pom poms. WAY easier than expected to make. Thanks to pinterest and Martha Stewart, I found the tutorial here.
*I typed 'paper owl' in Google images and found this super cute owl:
which belongs to someone selling them on etsy here if you'd rather buy it.
But I'd rather make my own because I can customize it with the mile-high pile of scrapbook paper I have. and love. So I copied the image into a Word doc and made it as large as I could, then printed in black and white. I traced the outside edges with a permanent marker, then used another plain white sheet of printing paper to lay over the top and trace with a pen. (you can see the permanent marker easily through the paper) Then I cut it out. (this is called making your own stencils ;)
Once I made a stencil for each piece, I used them to cut out the pieces from different scrapbook pages. I just laid it on the backside of the scrapbook paper, traced around the edges with a pencil, then cut em' out. Then I put it all together with a glue stick, put a hole in each side with a hole punch, then carefully tied some twine through it. I made 4 owls, so I had to trace and cut extra, then weaved them through the same piece of twine and hung them up with clear tacks.
Easy, but a bit time consuming. If you do it in increments, it's not so bad. And it turns out so cute, so it's totally worth it!
Sorry for the lousy pictures. I promise it looked darling in real life.

PS. I made matching cupcake toppers by printing this image I also found on Google images: Sorry I don't know who it belongs to.
*I just copied the image into a Word doc., pasted it as many times as I could fit on one page, then printed in color. I cut them all out, then drew and cut out circles from matching scrapbook paper and glued it to the back with a glue stick - of course putting a toothpick in the middle! Then stick em in your cupcakes and admire. I wish I had a picture, cuz they really turned out cute.

04 July 2012

Baby Nursery Intro

Since my last post, I've made lots of things such as duvet covers, pillows, topiary, etc., including Averi's nursery bedding (bumpers included :) and matching curtains/ruffled valance, but have yet to take pictures. I've just been too busy to post. I'm actually over her nursery decor now, ha (which is white and a light mauve with a ruffley, classy, dainty feel) and want to bring in some bold color. I change my mind a lot. Future plan: take pics and post! I have alot of friends who are preggers right now and searching for the perfect decor. That was me a year and a half ago. I searched and searched and was willing to pay for anything I fell in love with - my first (maybe only) girl HAD to have the perfect nursery. My prob was, I never found anything I liked. Everything was so over-used and over-done. I didn't want butterflies or flowers or winnie the pooh. I didn't want chocolate brown and pink. I wanted something original and special. So I gathered ideas and made my own stuff. I was pleased with how it turned out, but now my baby is getting to be a toddler and I just feel like upscaling. So I'm starting over. Only this time, I'll be sharing it online. Plus I never got to finish ALL the projects I had planned for her so this will be a good excuse to git-er-done.
Upcoming Tutes on Baby Nursery Decor:
-Baby Bumber Cover (easy peasy!)
-Ruffled Valance & Curtains (also surprisingly easy)
-Revamped Dresser (from brown to white)
-Painted Shelf & Decor
-Fitted Crib Sheet
-Crib Dust Ruffle
-Basket Liner (I already have a tute for that, but this one will be a bit diff cuz it has handles)

I already found the perf fabric at Hobby Lobby that brings in the bold color I want and ties in the 'morning mauve' color of her walls so it was a huge plus. I DON'T want to re-paint.
Excited to get started! I have many ideas, I just need to make time for them to come to life.
The walls look pretty light in this pic, but when in the room, you can see the color better

04 January 2012

Benefit Concert

The end of 2011 was crazy busy with work, kids, house cleaning, and extended family. I did not make anything crafty. I did zero baking. I wrapped all the presents on Christmas eve. This is where I break out in song with a red curly wig singing, "Tomorrow! Tomorrow! There's always tomorrow!" only it would be "Next year! Next year! There's always next year! ..."
I did manage to sing at a benefit concert though :) It was to support Heritage Academy and their performing arts and athletics programs. Got to open for Brooke White (Former American Idle Top 5 contestant in season 7, who also graduated from H.A.) and her new band, Jack and White. I sang 'Leave the Pieces" by the Wreckers and it was a blast. My two sisters, Chandelle & Chalice, sang the harmony beautifully! Of course there were other alumni singers who also performed, including Kristina Foulias. I love her personality. She cracks me up. Thanks to Rick Dalton for putting it all together!
Rockin' out :)
 silly backstage with sis, Chandelle
 with Brooke White
To the New Year!
I don't want to jinx myself like I do every year by saying all the impossible goals I've set, so I'll just name a few easy ones:
Do P90X full out
Never be late to anything
Be the best wife, mom, sister, & friend ever
Make 365 crafts