19 September 2012

Boy Baby Shower Table Decor

These are some of the poorest quality pictures and I'm sorry. ...but at least it's enough for you to get the point. maybe.
I threw a baby shower for a friend and here's a picture of the most important part of any party (besides the food): the table decor...
*I realize it's not the most fabulous party table out there. C'mon, I've seen those amazing, over-the-top tables on pinterest!...but this is good for me. Plus the food and cupcakes are missing in the pic so...  
*Tablecloths: lime green twin flat sheet & light blue plastic rectangle tablecloth from the dollar store. Accessorized with light blue wired ribbon bows hung up with safety pins
*Apothecary drink jar and matching cupcake stand from Pier1 Imports (borrowed from sis)
*glass mason jar with white flowers
*light green vintage wooden organizer thingy. It's meant for pens, paper, etc. but I used it to hold the utensils and napkins
*small chalk board from World Market to display the menu
*small lime green candle just because it matched :)

*Hanging from the ceiling on clear thread are tissue paper pom poms. WAY easier than expected to make. Thanks to pinterest and Martha Stewart, I found the tutorial here.
*I typed 'paper owl' in Google images and found this super cute owl:
which belongs to someone selling them on etsy here if you'd rather buy it.
But I'd rather make my own because I can customize it with the mile-high pile of scrapbook paper I have. and love. So I copied the image into a Word doc and made it as large as I could, then printed in black and white. I traced the outside edges with a permanent marker, then used another plain white sheet of printing paper to lay over the top and trace with a pen. (you can see the permanent marker easily through the paper) Then I cut it out. (this is called making your own stencils ;)
Once I made a stencil for each piece, I used them to cut out the pieces from different scrapbook pages. I just laid it on the backside of the scrapbook paper, traced around the edges with a pencil, then cut em' out. Then I put it all together with a glue stick, put a hole in each side with a hole punch, then carefully tied some twine through it. I made 4 owls, so I had to trace and cut extra, then weaved them through the same piece of twine and hung them up with clear tacks.
Easy, but a bit time consuming. If you do it in increments, it's not so bad. And it turns out so cute, so it's totally worth it!
Sorry for the lousy pictures. I promise it looked darling in real life.

PS. I made matching cupcake toppers by printing this image I also found on Google images: Sorry I don't know who it belongs to.
*I just copied the image into a Word doc., pasted it as many times as I could fit on one page, then printed in color. I cut them all out, then drew and cut out circles from matching scrapbook paper and glued it to the back with a glue stick - of course putting a toothpick in the middle! Then stick em in your cupcakes and admire. I wish I had a picture, cuz they really turned out cute.

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