04 January 2010

NY Res

New Years resolutions are so overrated. You've got this whole big list of goals to become a superhuman and feel so determined that it could actually happen. Then you eat one too many slices of chocolate cake, skip the gym more than you intended, and broke your promise to stay calm during traffic...in front of your kids. Suddenly, it all becomes so overwhelming, you give up, and it's only the first week of February.
Who am I kidding? I'm still going to make a New Years Resolution. Only, just not so unrealistic. Here goes...

1. Read the B of M (this is a given)
2. Visit teach no later than the 2nd wk of the mo.
3. **Improve punctuality! (I'm a chronic later :( and I hate it)
4. The obvious, tone up the bod and lose 10 more pounds of baby phat
5. Teach Brayden to read
6. More Temple time
7. Be an 'even better' wife & mom :)
8. Stay away from chocolate until Nov 25th, then binge from Thanksgiving to New Years
9. When awoken from sleep, come into consciousness before throwing punches
10. Blog more

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