22 February 2010

NYres Update

So, an update on my most important New Years Resolution: Improving Punctuality...
...the whole month of January, I was on time. On time to work, on time to appointments, and Oh, shocked my sister when we arrived in the valley before noon. Go me! February however, is not going so hot. It's almost the end of the month and I am failing miserably. I cannot seem to be any less than 15 minutes late to work. I plan to go to bed early, but then something or someone always keeps me up too late. A crying toddler fell out of his bed and needs to be comforted - A child woke himself up from yelling too loud in his sleep at his little brother - a fussy baby needs to eat again and cannot sleep on an empty tummy. My husband will tend to this if I ask him, (except the nursing part :) but they want 'mom'. Then I am so exhausted the next morning, I keep hitting snooze, then BAM! I jerk up out of bed, awakened in an instant, and my adrenaline starts running when I notice the sun looks oddly bright to be on time. 30 minutes later, I didn't get a shower, but I'm finally dressed and looking presentable by 7:45 am. Which is perfect timing if I had already eaten breakfast! Why do I ALWAYS forget about breakfast? I grab a banana and am ready to fly out the door. ..."MOM! I need juice! I neeeeeeeedd juice! :(" What kind of mother would I be if I ignored my sweet little son's call for juice? Okay, I'll hurry and just get some juice. I get him some juice and I'm on my way out the door. "MOM! I want juice too! and I'm hungry. I want a baggie of Cheerios!" ...and then, "I wan Cheos too and I wan watch a oovie" (movie). So after pouring 2 sippi cups of juice, filling 2 bags of cereal, and starting a moving, I finally walk out the door at 3 minutes to 8:00 am. It takes me 15 minutes to get there. This is NO bueno!

Starting tonight, I am getting into the habit of having juice, cereal, and a movie ready to go the night before, whether I have to work the next day or not.

I have gotta get ahead of my game!

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