03 September 2010

Mod Podge Box / Craft Room Part 1

We're moving soon and one of my new projects is to create myself a craft room. Actually, a craft corner since I have to share the spare with hubby.
This is one of the many storage cubbies I'll be making and using to organize my craft supplies. It's a Mod Podged box. It was a wooden basket, but those were the days...
It came from this pile of junk I picked up at a thrift store. I'll be making these ugly useless objects into beautiful useful somethings - all toward the plan: Delight's Craft Corner
Decided to first remodel the hideous wooden basket by ripping out the handle. I had to use pliers and these tiny staples were actually a huge pain in the butt - but I worked through it.
I ripped off the ugly piece of wallpaper that was glued to the front, then picked out my scrapbook paper, and cut each piece out accordingly. Make sure they fit!
Then with a sponge brush, I painted a light layer of Mod Podge right on the wood, then place my paper pieces directly on top.
I repeated this step over the whole outside of the basket. (or box, whatever you want to call it)
Then I painted a light layer directly OVER the paper and made sure to push out any bubbles (very carefully). It can get sticky and rip up the paper if you mess with it too much.
Then I let it dry and TaDa!!!.....
A sassy Mod Podged Box - which I'll be using to organize my craft supplies.
Can't wait to move.

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