07 September 2010

Mod Podged Tin Can / Craft Room Part 2

I'll admit, I'm addicted to these mint chocolate Pirouettes.
But ONLY because I need the can(s) for my crafts.
I'm Mod Podging this tin can because I need a round sturdy somethin' to hold all my paint brushes in my new craft corner.
After cutting out a piece of scrapbook paper that will fit perfectly around this tin, I painted a light layer of Mod Podge (Matte) onto the can.
Then I lined up the paper to the bottom edge of the can and wrapped the paper carefully around it making sure there were NO bubbles and leaving an inch of extra paper at the top.
Before I folded the paper over the top, I cut slits (an inch apart) around the top, then glued (under and over the paper) as I folded each section over at a time. This keeps the paper from tearing and makes a clean edge. I added a good layer of Mod Podge over just the top rim instead of the whole can - which you can do if you want.

Then I painted a nice layer of Mod Podge over the seam in the back to keep it sealed down.
To add a little something extra, I painted some Mod Podge on the backside of a piece of ribbon...
...and placed it snug on the can.
ALL DONE. A lovely tin can to hold my paint brushes. P.S. My husband drilled a hole in the back seam so I can hang it up on the peg board in my new craft corner.

Love my man and his power tools.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this! Your can came out beautifully. I was given some Pirouette cookies and thought what a nice quality can it was and googled how to decoupage it, and found your site via pinterest. Am going to follow your instructions. Thanks again!