15 December 2010

2-Way Radio Covers

This tutorial may not seem useful to many, but you can use this basic idea to make a rectangle cover for anything. My husband has some walkie-talkies and whenever we go camping or hiking, he brings them with us just in case we split up. He's VERY careful with his stuff and likes to keep everything in pretty-much-perfect condition. He sometimes thinks it's necessary to remind me not to scratch, drop, or throw things. HA! Last time we were out, I realized these little guys need covers to keep them from being scratched. (or dropped or thrown)

I used camouflage fabric and gray felt for the inner lining.

I just estimated how much fabric I would need by cutting out a square around the bottom

and did the same thing for all other sides.

Then I used the felt cutouts as patterns to cut out the same shapes from the camo fabric. Make sure to cut out two of everything since there are 2 radio's, duh!

Pay no attention to the bad sewing job. It was a bit too big, so I had to adjust it a couple times. (but all those seam lines give it extra security which is good.)

When sewing this, start by sewing the sides together first (inside out, of course), then sew the bottom square to it. It takes some maneuvering around the corners, but just go slow. Then turn it rightside in and see if the radio's fit. If it's too loose, you can turn it inside out again and sew a little closer in. It's easier to adjust if it's too big, rather than too small.

You will do this same concept with Camo fabric. Then simply slide the felt liner into the Camo cubby, fold the edges inward toward each other like in the picture, then pin in place.
I added a strap to lay over the top to keep it secure. I did this by cutting two rectangle piceces of Camo a couple inches long. I also added a layer of felt in the center to make it a little thicker. Sew around the edges, then pin the strap in place before sewing around the edge of the cover.
Sew around the edges and voila!

Oh, then add some velcrow. I added velcrow by hand stitching it on.

There you go. Two covers for 2-way radios.

My husband really likes them and that makes me happy.

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