21 October 2011

Exciting News!

We bought our first house! Yay for no more renting!! After 3 months of waiting anxiously, everything went through. The longest and most stressful 3 months of my life. 4 kids: piece of cake. Buying a house: head full of silver!
It all worked out and we are so happy.
We didn't buy a 'fixer-upper' but the place does need some love - all cosmetic. Walls & ceilings are filthy. Non-smoking home, but it seems they had indoor food fights, and possibly shook a soda can and let it explode in one of the bedrooms. Cupboard in the kitchen is missing, cupboard in bathroom is broken, outdated light fixtures, lots of gum underneath counter top bar, kids colored all over walls, all faucets leak, and the WORST paint job ever. BUT...5 bedrooms, 2 bath, 2 living rooms, fire place/wood stove, 2 reg size pantries, 1 lrg walk-in pantry, storage shed, wood shop, chicken coop, large fenced yard, apple & pear trees, grape vines, raspberry & blackberry bushes and super nice neighbors.
We didn't have the luxury of getting the place move-in ready, so we're living there with all our stuff in boxes still. Our plan of action is to tackle one room at a time, making each room sparkle (if we don't do it now, we never will)...but with 4 little constant interruptions, it's going slower than we'd like. Plus, having to use a metal scraper to scrape gum and jolly ranchers off the ceiling may have contributed to the 8 hour-long bedroom scrubbing party. Yes, that is how long it took to clean walls, ceiling, baseboards, doors, and shelves inside closet in just ONE bedroom. Thanks to Emma Age 6. And that does not include the time it took to paint. I wanted to take a before pic of the light blue, dirty walls for proof ;) - but once I get in that 'cleaning mode' I don't want to stop.
So far, the walls, ceiling and doors all have a fresh new coat of paint. I love that new, clean feeling. ah. Once the other half of the closet is painted, we'll put up the boys' bunk beds and move on to room #2 - master bedroom.
Working on matching duvet covers for their beds and accompanying valance for the window. Need to get them a new dresser that matches their bed. The one they currently have is hideous. It was ugly to begin with, then we painted it, and its still ugly. Can you say curbside?
Pics coming soon :)

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