05 November 2011

Mykayla Update- Petite Powerhouse!

Google search Mykayla Skinner. Check out her gymnastics here on youtube. As of late, she's been in the Arizona Republic, front page of Gilbert Republic, LDS Church News, the New Era magazine, interviewed live on Channel 12, and becoming known as the Petite Powerhouse. She made it to the National Team! There are 13 girls on, but only 8 of them will go to the Olympics. We are so proud of her and hope her dream of being an Olympic Champ comes true!
Mother-in-law, Kym, on left and little sis-in-law a.k.a Gollygol. Our oldest son, Brayden, couldn't pronounce Mykayla when he was little, so he called her Gollygol. Not sure why, but we all started calling her that, ha. More Mykayla

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