14 June 2010

Button Pillow Tutorial

Inspired by "Make it & Love it" (Blog link under My Faves), I made this button pillow. It was easy and sewing on all the buttons didn't take too long since they're all connected on the back. It gives some texture to the fabric and was fun to create a not-your-average pillow :)

The fabric I bought to use for a throw pillow is kinda busy and it did not show off the buttons very well. "Make it & Love it" used all the same buttons, but since I like to mix things up, I used different sized and colored buttons. I cut out a square from an over-sized blouse (which I bought only because I liked the fabric and knew I wanted to use it for something someday. That was 2 years ago.) and hand sewed the buttons one by one with thick crafting string.
This is what the backside should look like...
I then cut out 2 squares (front & back side of the pillow) from the (busy) fabric I originally planned on using. I folded the square diagonally and cut across the fold, then folded it again diagonally, and cut across that fold. This creates 4 triangles.

Then I sewed the top and bottom pieces to the middle button piece, and repeated with the side pieces. Then I connected all 4 pieces by sewing down the diagonal line on all 4 corners. Does that make sense?

This is what the backside looks like once the 4 triangles are all connected to the middle button piece.

Once you've finished the front piece, sew onto the back square piece by placing the two pieces facing each other and sewing around the edges, but leave a hole big enough to turn it rightside out. Double stitch just to be safe.

Turn rightside out, push out the corners, and it's ready for stuffing. Hand stitch up the opening and VWALLA!...a perfect button pillow.
Love adding a splash of color to my boring brown living room.

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