15 June 2010

Super Easy Memo Board

I would have taken pictures of this in the making, but my camera was dead at the time, so I only have pics of the outcome. I'll most likely be making more of these in the future so I'll post a better tutorial later.

*A wooden board. I used plywood about 1/4" thick and 12" X 15", but you can always improvise.
*1/2 yard of Batting (it's that flat stuffing used in the middle of blankets. Gives it some cushion for the pushin')
*1/2 yard of fabric
*Sass (I used a flower)
*Frame or Ruffle of some sort (I sewed a ruffle with some extra fabric scraps I had laying around.)
*Staple gun & staples

Lay your fabric face-down and place the batting over it. Lay down your wood piece on top, then using a staple gun, staple the fabric around the edges of the back side. Don't forget to tuck in the edge of fabric so it doesn't fray later on AND pull the fabric very snug. Then place where you want your pieces of ribbon to lay and cut accordingly. Staple them around the backside. PULL TIGHT. You can put a frame around it if you have a perfect sized one, but I prefer a ruffle. (I made my own with some extra material. Scrunch and sew, scrunch and sew method :) Then attach your ruffle around the backside with the staple gun. I LOVE me a STAPLE GUN! Then hot glue on your buttons and sass it up with a flower, glitter, or whatever little trinkets you've been wanting to use for something special. (Here's your big chance!) Hammer on one of those snaggle-tooth things to the back and hang up on the wall. TaDa! Super easy memo/picture board!

CUTE IDEA! ...make a Christmas themed one and use it to display all the holiday greeting cards you get in the mail.

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