14 January 2011

Chocolate Gifts

I know, I know, Christmas is over, but I haven't had a chance to post about super easy, delicious chocolate gifts yet!
...just a simple, wonderful way to decorate the average [large] chocolate bar.
A little scrapbook paper can really go a long way. I made these paper flowers from a tutorial I found on another blog. (I'll post the link later when I remember where it came from. Sorry.)
I really like this idea because you can use it for any occassion. Great for a 'just saying hello' gift to a friend or a side gift to stick in next to a birthday present.

chocolate and paper flowers make me happy.


Rob, Michelle, Luke & Harper said...

I love those flowers. I will have to copy those next time I wrap a present.

whitecappuccino said...

I used your beautiful pictures as my header..hope you don't mind..