17 January 2011

Fabric Bracelets

You can easily make your own bracelets with some fabric and sass.
These plastic bracelets are cute for someone somewhere I'm sure, but I think they look much better when personalized :)
All you need is fabric, fabric glue, and a bracelet for recovering.
Start by cutting out a rectangle piece of fabric. (make sure it is long enough to cover the whole thing. It's better to have it too long than too short -you can always cut off the excess later.)
Paint a layer of fabric glue right on top of the bracelet, then slowly wrap the center of the fabric around making sure it sticks to the glue, pressing out any bubbles in the fabric.
Once it's wrapped around it completely, cut off any excess fabric if necessary.
Paint a layer of glue on the inside of the bracelet and wrap the fabric, one side at a time, underneath it. Dab a little glue over the raw edge on the inside to make sure it doesn't fray later on.
Then decorate as you wish!
I glued some lace around the whole thing, then made 3 fabric flowers and hot glued them over some tulle.
This one I used ribbon and glued a lacey ruffle over it by sewing a gathering stitch. Then used some glitter glue to sass it up a bit.
These were definitely fun [and easy] to make.

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