02 July 2010

Paint Stripping an Old Dresser

My hubby took over on this project, hallelujah. Thanks honey! This was the dresser my sisters and I shared when we were young girls. Over the years, this bad boy had collected 6 LAYERS of paint! and stickers, and name carvings, and cobwebs, oh my!

With a little paint stripper, okay a lot of paint stripper, the layers finally peeled off. A metal scraper would have been easier to use than the crappy plastic one I bought - sorry babe! - but he did good nonetheless. So if you're going to strip an ancient dresser with endless layers of paint, do yourself a favor (or your husband) and upgrade to a metal scraper!
The base layer of paint was pretty seeped into the wood, so Jeremy spent quite a few hours sanding it down. He then spray painted a light coat of brown onto it, which you can see a picture of in my Cowboy Room post.
I love watching him take over my big projects.

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