30 July 2010

The Life of Sprite

I'm not much of a soda drinker myself, but if there are fresh flowers nearby, so shall the Sprite be. I brought home a dozen of yellow roses for my husband yesterday. oh, just because. Actually, because I read somewhere (either on msn or the Dating Divas blog, I can't remember) that guys sometimes secretly wish they would get flowers from their wives to show their appreciation -and I very much appreciate all that my husband does, so I thought it seemed an appropriate gesture. {As I'm writing this, I'm realizing how silly it is.} HA! Well, I don't think that advice is necessarily true. Not in my case anyway. Jeremy was flattered, but definitely not like a wife would be. Since he is currently home with the kids while finishing up school, I handed him flowers and his first comment was, "does this make me an official housewife?" hahahhahaahaha! I think it did more damage than good.
...Nonetheless, yellow roses are still beautiful and I get to enjoy them.
...So flowers and Sprite do have some correlation with each other, I promise. If you ever give or get flowers, pour an entire can of Sprite (or Sierra Mist, whatev) in with the water and those flowers will look better than ever! The BEST part is you will see a full bloom of beauty at least a week longer. At the LEAST! [I had some roses one time that looked gorgeous and fresh for 2 straight weeks] It's the high fructose corn syrup that keeps them alive and happy longer than usual. [HFCS doesn't have that effect on humans]
Such a simple tip.

...and the whole flower-giving thing should really remain for females to receive. I'm just saying.

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