28 July 2010

Goofballs & Chelsea's Bday

okay, i know i promised to dedicate this blog solely to artsy fartsy stuff, but i can't help myself sometimes :)
...was my little sister's birthday, so we all went out to celebrate...
and by "we all", i mean a group of whimsical, sarcastic goofballs i call my family. auntie Lacey found herself a new man ...and i still got mine :) ...with a mouthful of water pictures are ALWAYS better when you don't know someone is behind you doing the 'over-done-but-still-somehow-funny' bunny ears for some reason, when we're all together, life isn't serious...i love that this is the firstborn goofball who started it all (and her husband who nurtures that silly spirit) these silly genes continue to run in the fam so glad

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