29 July 2010

Easy Fabric Flower Hairclip

When I was in high school, before the flower hairclip fad, I loved to wear flowers in my hair. My husband said when he first met me, he thought, "what's with the flower?" {he loved it though} Ha! Now, they are totally in and I love them even more. (so does he :) My friends, Chelsea & Alyssa, came over to make some hair accessories. Chelsea brought over lots of lovely fabric to choose from, along with clips, buttons, and an array of all the different flowers she had made. Crafting is more fun with friends! Start by cutting a long strip of fabric. Then fold it over lengthwise (exposing the front print of the fabric) and sew the loosest seam possible with your machine along the edge. Make sure to leave a long tail of thread on each end for pulling. If you carefully pull one of the threads, it will easily scrunch up (make sure the other end of the thread doesn't come out). You can also sew along the edge by hand, but this method is quicker. Once you get the amount of scrunch you want, start slowing wrapping the fabric around itself while hand sewing it all in place. Remember to keep the ugly seam hidden. Once you get to the end of the fabric strip, pull the thread snug, tie it in a knot, and trim it. Cut a small piece of felt (round or square, doesn't matter) and hot glue it to the back of the flower. Make sure the felt is the right size before gluing. It's also less of a mess if you put the hot glue on the felt, then stick it to the flower instead of vice versa. Hot glue on a clip and... ...Vwalla! a pretty lil' hair accessory.
Love your braid, Alyssa. So lovely.

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