06 July 2010

Easy Planting Pot

Let me first say that for some crazy reason, I almost always forget to take a 'before' picture until I'm halfway finished with a project. Frustrates me too. (don't worry, one day I'll get into the habit).
Do you have a flower pot that needs a makeover? Or a houseplant that could use a new home? Or maybe even a glass jar or bottle you'd like to display flowers in? The possibilities are endless. This little brown pot was bright lime green with big blue polka dots. Yes, it was cute and colorful, but I just couldn't find a spot for it except in my cupboard for the past 2 years. I snatched a small house plant for 5 bucks (looks fake, but it's real. i promise.) and wanted a cute pot to display it in. ...and what's better than decorating one yourself? {You can also find small flower pots at the dollar store}
A can of spray paint can really do wonders. It's one of my fave things besides my staple gun. As you can see, I didn't care too much about the paint job on the inside of the pot.
I measured and cut some ribbon to wrap around it and hot glued it on. Hot glue gun!- that's my other fave thing :) Tied a knot in the back and glued it in place. ...and display! So cute. See, I told you it was easy. AND! I know you couldn't help but notice the beautiful tile :) My friend, Kathy Decker, makes those and sells them for ...get this...$10.00!!! Can't believe how affordable they are. She prints all kinds of different (vinyl) sayings on tiles- even pictures! I bought this one from her as a gift to my hubby for Father's Day from our boys. He loves it! If you'd like one, contact me. She'd be happy to print anything you'd like. Soon, I'll post a few on my 'Rather Buy it?' page.

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